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About Aim Educational

AIM Educational Ltd is an alternative education provider based around a small enterprise farm, specialising in rare breed sheep and pigs, as well as a large variety of other animals. Our site consists of 8 acres of land in the North Warwickshire countryside, 6 unique teaching spaces, and variety of animal homes, such as sties, stables, and paddocks. We are committed to helping children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, particularly those with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, and those who are unable to engage in mainstream education due to learning, social, emotional or behavioural issues. Our goal is to empower learners to positively change negative behaviour patterns, to develop confidence, personal, social, communication and independent learning skills, as well as gaining work-related skills.

We are dedicated to helping learners acquire relevant and practical rural and land based skills and knowledge, as well as traditional academic qualifications, through creative, real and engaging learning experiences. Animals and our farm environment are instrumental to our teaching as they have the power to calm, soothe, engage, entertain and enthral, enhancing the development of social and verbal skills.

At AIM, we are aware that many learners who enter into alternative provision have suffered some form of trauma, either in their personal lives or by the demanding realities of mainstream education. AIM therefore specialises in the recovery of learners and our primary focus is upon rebuilding a learner’s confidence – with themselves, with society, and with their education.

When learners join AIM, they will begin by learning how to care for others before themselves by feeding and maintaining the animals we house. To do this, we use DEFRA’s Five Freedoms and learners are taught to be able to independently assess whether our animals are free from hunger, thirst, fear and discomfort, and free to act in their natural manner. Learners are also taught about the plight of rare breed livestock (as we are home to Gloucester Old Spot, Oxford Sandy and Black, and Landrace pigs, North Ronaldsay sheep, and Alpine Cross and Boer Cross goats – all of which are breeds nearing extinction), as well as various food industries and healthy eating. In addition to this, learners will participate in a number of horticultural, estate keeping, and land management projects, such as vegetable growing and Bonsai care.

We particularly specialise in preparing vulnerable learners for returning to formal education. We therefore pride ourselves on our ability to encourage learners to enjoy education and to feel confident enough with themselves and their abilities to want to learn again. We do this by gently reintroducing them to formal learning, primarily through creative or vocational means.

We also offer a variety of OCN (The Open College Network) qualifications, including Stepping Stones to Functional Skills English and Maths, Functional Skills English, Maths, and IT, as well as a number of creative, vocational, life skills, and independent living courses. Whilst such courses are essential for learners to develop the necessary skills to succeed in life, we only encourage a learner to embark on more formal qualifications when they are ready. The recovery process can be a long one and we emphasise reassuring learners that there is no need to rush this and to take pride in each and every small step to success they make.