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During the school holidays (in particular the summer), we also offer additional services for families, groups, and those in need of respite. We are able to cater for groups and families of all sizes, ages, and abilities. For example, we can create bespoke enrichment activities for groups of nursery school children and early years, troubled teenagers, vulnerable adults, homeless and vulnerably housed individuals, those coping with mental health challenges and disabilities, the elderly, children in care, individuals going through rehabilitation or returning to work, and many more.

Each package offered will be tailored to the needs and requirements of the group visiting. We are adept at creating unique, fun, and enriching programmes that promote learning, team building, self-confidence, and wellbeing and provide individuals with an opportunity to try new things out in the fresh air of the Warwickshire countryside.

A group programme can either focus upon one specific skill or experience, or can consist of a variety of different, complementary activities. For example, the former could be a day of agriculture, with focus upon animal handling and animal behaviour, hand-feeding our animals and mucking them out, and learning about rare breeds farming. The latter could consist of series of scheduled complementary activities from early morning work in the barn and late morning work in the vegetable patch harvesting ingredients for lunch, to an afternoon of outside art, horticulture, and poetry. Similar, smaller packages can also be designed for families that focus upon promoting family harmony and creating great memories together.

As we have the experienced Natalie Sweeney as our artist in residence, we are also able to provide skills workshops and retreats for groups of artists or those seeking to enhance their skills. Similarly, as Tiffany Webster holds a doctorate in the field of text construction and interpretation, we are also able to hold writing workshops for novelists, short story writers, or poets.

If you have an activity in mind, please contact us and we can prepare something to meet your needs. The fee for each package will be negotiated on an individual basis and will cover the cost of all materials, as well as lunch.

Finally, as we are open 52 weeks a year, we are also able to provide respite for families in challenging circumstances. For example, we are able to continue a young person’s education throughout the holidays if their needs require this.