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When a learner joins AIM, we will work closely with them to assess what level of learning is appropriate for their needs and a bespoke, learner-based programme will be produced for each individual. Depending upon a learner’s needs, the following stages of learning and qualifications can be offered:

RECOVERY AIM specialises in the recovery of learners that have either been damaged by the demanding realities of mainstream education or have suffered trauma. At AIM, we understand trauma to exist in many forms, from living with difficult home circumstances or being the witness or victim of distressing experiences, to challenges with mental health or SEND. Our primary focus at AIM, is therefore on rebuilding a learner’s confidence – with themselves, with society, and with their education. In order to do this, AIM focuses on encouraging a learner to achieve the AIM Award, which has bronze, silver, and gold levels. This award covers all the unique areas of education that AIM offers in increasing levels of commitment. The areas of education offered by AIM and covered by the AIM Award are as follows:

- Agriculture (for example, being able to work independently on DEFRA’s Five Freedoms and to confidently handle the livestock we house);
- Horticulture (such as being able to identify common herbs and flowers and to be knowledgeable of seasonal fruits and vegetables);
- Art and Crafts (for instance gaining basic skills in a large variety of different artistic techniques, from water colour, pastels, pottery painting, and collage, to batik and sewing);
- Baking, Cooking and Food Hygiene (for example, being able to research, record, and prepare a recipe and to be knowledgeable of good food practices and healthy eating).

Once a learner gains the skills necessary to achieve the bronze award, they will then be able to choose topics to further specialise in from the many areas they have already covered. For example, as part of their introduction to Art, a learner may find they excel at pottery painting. They will then be able to specialise further in this area when completing the silver award.
Once a learner has achieved the AIM bronze, silver, and gold awards, they will then have the opportunity to further enhance their skills by being able to complete one of the following more specialised AIM awards, which are as follows:

- The AIM Agriculture Award;
- The AIM Horticulture Award;
- The AIM Art and Crafts Award;
- The AIM Baking, Cooking and Food Hygiene Award.

A learner will be able to select which award they wish to complete based upon the skills they have already gained and the areas in which they have already excelled.
We also cater for learners with specific interests in IT, engineering, electronics, and car and tractor maintenance and bespoke packages can be offered for such learners.
Improvements in literacy and numeracy are fundamental to our vision, as we believe these skills are essential to empowering a learner to either return to mainstream education or to secure gainful employment in the future. We therefore also offer an AIM Stepping Stones to English and Maths Award where learners will be given the opportunity to return to the basics of English and Maths, so as to build their confidence and to prepare them for return to mainstream education.

OCN Once learners have started to make progress on their journey of recovery and feel ready for the challenge of an official qualification, they will be given the opportunity to complete one of the variety of OCN qualifications we are certified to offer, including Stepping Stones to Functional Skills English and Maths, Functional Skills English, Maths, and IT, as well as a number of creative, vocational, life skills, and independent living courses.

GCSE We can also provide tuition-based support for a variety of GCSEs, such as English, Maths, Science, IT, and the Arts and Humanities. Such support would need to be discussed in advance to ensure we have the correct materials and resources for a learner and so that we can liaise with a learner’s registered school.

INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS If a learner flourishes in a particular area or wishes to focus their engagement on one topic, we are able to provide them with the opportunity to develop their own unique individual projects. Current projects taking place at AIM are as follows:

- The development of a sensory room in the Art, English and Maths caravan;
- The planning, design and construction of the woodwork caravan;
- The planning, design and software development for a Bio reactor, for heat and methane production;
- The planning, design and software development for a Web Content Management system;
- The design and building of a go-cart;
- The restoration of the AIM vintage tractor.