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Dr Tiffany Webster

Tiffany has extensive experience in the field of education as she has been involved in teaching and tutoring for over a decade. She has worked successfully at all levels of the education system - from doing outreach and widening participation work with junior school children and working as a cover supervisor in a senior school, to providing private personal tutoring for both KS3 and KS4 pupils, working with troubled teenagers, and teaching and lecturing at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in some of the country’s leading universities. Tiffany has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to accomplish challenging educational goals, as she has completed a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a doctorate. During her time in academia, Tiffany presented the findings of her doctoral research at international conferences across the globe, as well as publishing articles in top academic journals. As a result of this, Tiffany is passionate about encouraging students to achieve their full potential and to opening their eyes to the many opportunities a good education can bring. She tirelessly tries to instil in students her belief that learning is one of the world’s greatest pleasures and that an education is something to take pride in. Tiffany’s working-class background has led to her being particularly devoted to helping other working-class individuals gain access to Higher Education institutions. Tiffany primarily teaches all levels of English and Maths at AIM, but also works in a cross-curricular fashion with all other staff.

Mrs Natalie Sweeney

Natalie has over 18 years’ experience in delivering creative subjects in the community and educational environments and she has worked with a wide range of ages and abilities, from complete novices to experienced artists. She is a practised mural artist and all round creative with a variety of artistic skills under her belt. To date, her career has covered early years childcare to adults with mental health issues. Her wide-ranging career also includes working in alternative provisions tutoring vulnerable young people. Here she has delivered alterative curricular, including BTEC Art and Design, as well as numerous other creative subjects. She is passionate about all areas of creativity and her skills include drawing, painting, upcycling, crafts, pottery and textiles. Natalie heads up all things Art at AIM and works with all other staff in a cross-curricular manner.

Mrs Linda Healy

Linda has been working in the field of education for almost two decades. She is an experienced IT teacher as she has worked in Further Education and Access to Higher Education for 15 years. Here she delivered a wide variety of IT courses and qualifications. Linda has also worked extensively with troubled teenagers and young adults in alternative provisions. Here she delivered a variety of courses from BTEC Travel and Tourism to Health and Social Care. Linda has a passion for all things sweet and is an experienced baker. She has turned her personal skills and enthusiasm into something educational and now she teaches young people about the importance of food, being able to prepare meals independently, and healthy eating. Linda therefore has a dual role at AIM as she teaches both catering and IT.

Mr David Cheshire

David is a sort after Bonsai expert who has completed apprenticeships in the art of Bonsai in both the UK and Japan. AIM is currently the home of his extensive Bonsai nursery where he welcomes learners to study horticulture in all its many forms. David also has wide-ranging expertise in the field of education, as he has worked for a number of years with children, young people, and adults with physical and mental health challenges. David therefore uses his horticultural training to provide such individuals not only with an introduction to horticulture, but to also utilise horticulture as a form of therapy and well-being enrichment. David is therefore an essential part of the AIM team and uses horticultural to enrich and enhance the lives of the young people he works with.

Mr Wayne Gibbons

Wayne has had many years’ experience working in the area of youth and community services and has been involved in various environmental projects in the local area. He feels passionate about 2D and 3D design and the teaching of traditional crafts and renewable resources. He is a commission artist in bespoke wooden furniture and an industrial designer. He therefore has a great breadth of knowledge in all areas of 3D design and construction. In addition to this, he also has advanced qualifications in Philosophy (a BA hons), Youth and Community Work, and Waste Resources Management (a MSc) and has worked in lead roles in youth centres, project development of training centres, and the development of detached youth work teams. Wayne primarily delivers 3D design in woodwork and furniture building in practise, design and preparation.